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DR ALkaram with for sight group
Tamkeen joins forces with research centre Foresight
Tamkeen joins forces with research centre Foresight to accelerate a cure for Retinitis Pigmentosa in the region
Tamkeen to set up branch office for research into hereditary disease that effects millions worldwide

Tamkeen, centre of excellence for training of the visually impaired, has set up a branch office called Foresight, to raise funds for research Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), a visual impairment which particularly effects the region.
RP is a hereditary disease which causes a retina deterioration of the eye. Symptoms include night blindness, tunnel vision, central vision loss and eventually blindness. A cure, however, is possibly only 5-10 years away.

To combat this common disease which is particularly prevalent in this region, Tamkeen has set up a branch office called Foresight for research and awareness campaigns. Together the organisations will collect a database of all RP sufferers, offering them advice on effective treatment on their condition as well as a support network of like-minded people.

In addition, Tamkeen and Foresight will set up a testing centre to test people for the disease. Tamkeen also seeks to collaborate with other regional research bodies to assist in the search for a cure.

“Tamkeen is one year old and we are now beginning to specialise in specific areas of visual impairment which particularly effect the region in order to deliver a centre of excellence for the Arab world,” said Dr Abdulla Al Karam, Director Tamkeen. “We have therefore established Foresight as a branch of Tamkeen to raise awareness about the disorder and through that awareness prompt people to come to our sampling centre for testing. With that information we hope to link with international research centres to accelerate a cure for the RP worldwide.”

Finally, Tamkeen and Foresight will provide ongoing awareness campaigns to raise the profile of the disease in the region to encourage people to seek treatment.

“Joining Tamkeen is a very exciting step for us,” said Katy Newitt, Head of Foresight, “Foresight has a special remit to further research and our first project is to set up a screening service for all people with visual impairment. Diagnosis and testing cannot be offered without comprehensive support which we hope to provide in the future. Tamkeen already offers support in the form of training for the workplace. Our role will complement theirs through practical assistance for life-skills as well as emotional support.”

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